Elements of a Superior Used Motorcycle Dealership

Most dealerships focus on selling new motorcycles, and resort to selling trade-ins to get them off the lot, or to accommodate buyers under strict budget constraints. Their goal is to sell brand new motorcycles. When the lot has too many trade-ins, those dealerships sell them to used motorcycle dealerships. The trade-ins are inspected, worked on by factory-trained technicians, and polished to look like new. When seeking Used Motorcycles for sale, buyers will want to find a dealership with an inventory that is comprised of trade-ins.

Another element of a superior used motorcycle dealership is a parts and service department that is also open to the public. Providing a wide variety of used motorcycles for sale can only be done when skills are honed on a continuous basis. Fixing up bikes only when they arrive from inventory buying events means technicians are not seeing problems caused by real road conditions. They are working on bikes that have already had a mechanical inspection completed by another mechanic. A service department available to the public helps technicians stay sharp, accurately access issues, and fix problems right the first time.

It is also an indication that any motorcycles accepted from individual owners have been put through rigorous testing. The buying process of a superior used motorcycle dealership should consist of a visual inspection, a thorough mechanical inspection, and a test drive. Providing a wide variety of used motorcycles for sale means only accepting well maintained trade-ins. Reports from both inspections are given to the General Manager, who will determine if the motorcycle is in acceptable condition. If it is, a written offer will be made to the interested owner. Upon approval from the owner, a company check will be issued. The entire process usually takes between thirty and sixty minutes. Longer waits may be experienced depending on any impending questions, or further inspections.

The dealership will not be in business long if buyers experience problems with their motorcycles. Seek out a used motorcycle dealership that has been in business a decade or longer. There are several benefits to purchasing a used motorcycle instead of a new one. The cost is lower, or the money available for the motorcycle will get more bike for the buck. Insurance rates tend to be lower, and the depreciation rate is slower than on a new motorcycle. Providing a wide variety of used motorcycles for sale cannot be accomplished without flexible financing options. Willingness to work with buyers to accommodate financial issues is another key element of a superior used motorcycle dealership.


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